i-magine media - Moving Pictures that Sell provides a combination of products and services to enhance the marketing efforts small San Francisco businesses, specifically increasing their web presence and branding, in order to capitalize on the new broadband environment.
The base product is the video itself priced at $2,500 (all costs included).  Using broadcast quality digital cameras, each video is professionally shot at the small business’s location with the owner telling their story.  Integrated with the business’s brand, the video will be edited to approximately 2.5 minutes using state-of-the-art non-linear editing system to engagingly set forth the business’s products and services, vision, their unique qualifications, and how they stand out among their competitors.  The video will be delivered within 10 days time in web-ready files which can be simply added to their web site for streaming in all four major streaming methods: Windows Media, QuickTime, Real, and Flash. (Multiple videos can be created at a discount for businesses wishing to showcase multiple locations as separate videos or for business which desire separate videos for specific aspects of their business)

For an additional $25/month fee, i-magine media - Moving Pictures that Sell provides hosting and tracking services. Directly linking the video to the business’s web site from our servers, we will host and stream the video.  As an added benefit, we provide unique tracking services using our data mining software, giving our clients tools necessary to measure their return on investment.

i-magine media - Moving Pictures that Sell also provides complete web design and upgrade services.  For $450.00 our creative team will update the small business’s existing web site to include positive branding, quick and easy navigation design, text editing, replacement graphics, editing or updating links, optimizing images for fastest download times, replacing missing images, and beta testing before final upload.  Our web hosting service, $39/month also includes video streaming and our unique data mining services.

Finally, i-magine media - Moving Pictures that Sell offers codec upgrades to my clients for a nominal $25 fee as advanced media codecs are developed for the various
media players on the market.