Deliver a powerful message about your business
that is unparalleled by text and simple graphics.
Use Streaming Videos!

Stand out among your Competition
Engage your customer or potential client with an experience that is dynamic and memorable. More than just "WOW," streaming videos compel viewers to stay on your site longer, increases your brand awareness, and increases the impact your site communicates about your business. i-magine media - Moving Pictures that Sell creates streaming videos to clearly and more fully showcase what your business is about.

Permission to believe
It’s about your message and your image. It’s about marketing your most important product: you, your business, and your product or service. Streaming videos create a level of trust by showing a "real" experience, giving your potential customers permission to believe. Relationship building through the use of video is far more effective than an "about" page and a few pictures. Building a better and more engaging user experience than the competition leads to greater revenues.

Doug Wolens — Owner



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